The 3 most overrated cities in Australia

The 3 most overrated cities in Australia

Australia is a beautiful place to visit, with no end to the great tourist attractions, beautiful beaches, and warm sunsets. But some of the cities are tourist traps that really have little or no value.

There are a lot better places to visit in Australia than these cities that are for some reason popular with the masses.


Every year hundreds if not thousands flock to Melbourne for their Australia vacations. It has become a go-to place for tourists.

But many people don’t understand the appeal once they arrive. There is something about the place that is a complete turn-off.

For one thing, the city tries too hard to attract tourists. It’s not authentic in any way and is designed solely to cater to the tourist population.

Melbourne also has some of the worst weather of any location in Australia. If you do go there, pack for multiple seasons. They will all happen in one day.

Gold Coast

Located just outside Brisbane, the Gold Coast is one of the most popular but worst places you can visit. It is definitely one of the most overrated cities in Australia.

The high crime and drug rates on the Gold Coast are enough reason to avoid it.

In addition, the overall ambiance of the area just seems a bit off. It doesn’t feel like you’re in Australia at all. The environment is more like an outpost in a warm, sandy cities in the US, such as Florida or Southern California.

This is another city in Australia that is built for tourism, and you’ll find nothing authentic about it.

Byron Bay

You might be surprised to find this on a list of the most overrated cities in Australia. It has beautiful beaches and an active nightlife. But you can find these in many cities in Australia, and they would be much more authentic and better designed.

Another tourist trap, this city is an architectural nightmare.

The buildings and roads are so different from each other that it is a distraction from the beauty of the beach.

There is also a horrible traffic problem in Byron Bay, which lends more to frustration than the relaxation you are supposed to feel while on holiday.

Rather than visit these three tourist trap cities, try visiting some of the more authentic cities in Australia to get a real feel for the culture of the place.

Try Adelaide, Darwin, Broome, or Tasmania. You’ll find beautiful countryside, friendly locals, and mild climates.

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