Hi! Welcome to my blog. My name is Felix, I’m 33 years old Texas native with a passion for the outdoors, adventure and travelling.


My story began six years ago when I left the US for a trip to Southeast Asia, the idea was to take some time off and do some volunteer work in the Southeast nation of Indonesia. On my arrival I was so fascinated with the lifestyle change that within the first week of my stay I had resolved not to go back home.

With dwindling resources in a foreign land I had to find ways to sustain my new lifestyle, I started out teaching English to kids and the mode of payment for most of these humble families was a meal and accommodation, this got me stuck in the same location for long periods as I didn’t have the money for transportation. It is then that I decided to start this blog to share my adventures and earn some passive income to sustain my nomadic lifestyle.

Over the years I’ve been travelling to countries such as India, Thailand and Korea having unique experiences at every stop.

You can follow my escapades by joining by reading my blog and contacting me through email.