Advantages of traveling solo in Cambodia

Advantages of traveling solo in Cambodia

Traveling alone in Cambodia has become more popular more recently, especially for women because traveling to Cambodia has become safer. These past few years traveling alone in Cambodia has become the norm because there are many advantages. The advantages of traveling solo in Cambodia are trips around Cambodia are easier to plan, you can make last minute changes, traveling solo is cheaper, and you can meet new people more easily.

Traveling Alone Means Easier to Plan

When getting ready for a trip to Cambodia on your own you will have plane tickets to buy, hotels to reserve, buy museum passes, and much more. All of these planning itineraries are much easier done when traveling solo. You do not have to consider what another person may want to do. You can plan to visit Phnom, Penh if you would like or perhaps Kep, Cambodia instead. It’s up to you to decide. No one will be holding you back from having the adventure of your lifetime.

You Can Make Last Minute Changes

When you travel solo in Cambodia last minute changes are simple to make. Perhaps one morning you decide you would like to visit Sihanoukville for a few days. No worries, you can and all you need to do is arrange your trip, pack up your things, no need to discuss with anyone whether that is a good plan or not. Your agenda is open when you travel alone so you can do whatever you want and eat at whatever restaurant you please.

Traveling Solo is Cheaper

If there are two of you traveling, your expenses are double and that can drain your wallet after awhile. It is much better to travel alone so you can maximize your budget. Hotels will also be cheaper because you can book a smaller room with a single bed and be comfortable.

When you go to a restaurant you can splurge because you will only be buying food for one person. Because you will be saving money you will have more to spend on more adventures. You could possibly extend your trip for another week if you would like with all of the money you are saving.

You Can Meet New People More Easily

Another advantage of traveling solo in Cambodia is you can meet the locals and perhaps even meet other solo travelers. Meeting the locals are a great way to experience a place because they will be able to show you the hidden gems in their town. They can give you advice on what is the best restaurant for you to try their local dishes.


The advantages of traveling solo in Cambodia are a plenty. You will not regret being able to plan your trips with no glitches. When that fun travel opportunity comes along you will be happy you can make sudden changes to your plans. You will be able to enjoy more attractions because traveling will be cheaper.

Of course, meeting people are one of the most important parts of being a traveler and when the locals and other travelers see you are traveling alone they will have an easier time approaching you. I hope this article was helpful and you do decide to try traveling to Cambodia on your own.

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