Applying for your visa eTA to Myanmar

Applying for your visa eTA to Myanmar

Are you looking to visit beautiful Myanmar but having difficulty figuring out how and where to apply for your visa eTA? The world of visas can be complicated and frustrating for a weary traveler, and it can be difficult trying to understand the process of getting your visa eTA. If you are planning on traveling and need to know how to apply for visa eTA to Myanmar, read on to discover the ins and outs of successfully visiting the “Golden Land of Pagodas”.

The first step in applying for your visa to Myanmar is meeting the requirements, and understanding the visa eTA itself. The eTA visa is only valid for a single entry to Myanmar, and is only valid for three months after its processing date; If do not travel to Myanmar within three months of its issue date, the visa expires and cannot be used for entry.

An eTA visa is only valid for 28 days upon arrival to Myanmar; After 28 days, the visa is no longer valid. It is also important to know that you must have had a valid passport for at least six months. Once you understand these specifications, you’re ready to apply for your visa eTA!

The first step in applying for your visa eTA is visiting the website for the The Republic of the Union of Myanmar’s official Ministry of Labour, Immigration, and Population. On the front page, there is an option to apply for your visa eTA! There are many third-party websites that charge high rates in exchange for filing your visa, so it is the more cost-effective and secure option to go directly through the government to prevent any errors.

Fees for the visa transaction are non-refundable, so it’s important to make sure your application is correct. Once you’ve entered all your information into the application, you will need to upload a photo of yourself from the shoulders up. Be sure to use a high quality photo, where you can be seen clearly! Finally, once you confirm everything is correct you will be brought to a payment screen. Most major credit/ debit cards are accepted on this page.

The cost of your visa eTA will be 89 EUR for a tourist visa. Within three days (excluding weekends and holidays) you’ll receive a letter of approval. This letter should be printed out, and will be stamped upon your arrival to Myanmar. Happy traveling!

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