Do I need a visa to visit Canada from UK?

Do I need a visa to visit Canada from UK

There are a lot of scenic places that are yet to be explored in Canada. Who doesn’t want to see the Niagara Falls, Old Quebec, Banff National Park, Victoria’s Inner Harbour, Montreal’s Cityscape and many more? These places are the very reason why a lot of citizens of the United Kingdom would love to go to Canada. However, one of the most popular set back that they have is answering this question – “Do I need a visa to visit Canada from UK  ?”

No visa needed for short visits

Well, if you are a British citizen who wishes to visit Canada for a short time like leisure trip, one-week conference, guided tour and the like, there is no need for you to secure a visa. All you need to secure is that Electronic Travel Authorisation  prior to your travel.

However, even if you are just having a short visit but you have a different British nationality, you may be required of other pertinent documents prior to your travel. There is a possibility for you to be asked of a proof that you have enough funds to finance your visit.

Nevertheless, if you are not certain yet about the status of your nationality, the best way for you to prepare your travel documents is to check with the Canadian High Commission.

No visa and eTA needed for British-Canadian dual nationality

While it is true that you are not required to secure a visa and Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) as you go to Canada if you have this dual citizenship, in boarding the plane you will be asked to present your Canadian passport.

On the other hand, if you are traveling using a land or sea transportation, carry with you a valid identification card and pertinent documents that will confirm your nationality.

One important reminder for all British citizens regardless of the nationality – every time you bring with you child in the absence of your husband and wife, you must see to it that you bring with you the authorization of the non-traveling parent. This is to protect the children from abduction.

Moreover, for you to have less hassle in going to and fro the country, see to it that your passport is valid prior and within the duration of your visit to Canada.

In this way, you can make your stay the most enjoyable one as you explore the beautiful tourist destinations frequented by locals and visitors.

Certainly, the easy access of UK citizens to Canada is credited to the bi-lateral relations that exist between the two sovereign nations.

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