The story of green mountain Coffee Roasters

The story of green mountain Coffee Roasters

In the beautiful mountains of Vermont, where time is measured more by a change of seasons than the tick of a clock, and where a faster way of doing things is not always a better way, you’ll find the home of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters.

The majority of Green Mountain Coffee’s revenue is derived from its wholesale operation that serves supermarkets, convenience stores, offices, and other locations where fine coffees are sold. Green Mountain Coffee also operates a direct mail operation and e-commerce Website ( from its Waterbury, Vermont headquarters.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters lines up with the world famous coffee makers in the world. They aim to satisfy the intelligent consumer’s demand for socially responsible products. These are certified by the TransFair USA. TransFair USA is a certifier of fair trade products in the USA. Not only do they observe fair trade, but consumers can be assured of high-quality coffee that they sell.

With the ever-growing coffee industry, the market serves well in standardizing the trade. This does not only give benefit to the sellers of coffee but the farmers as well. More importantly, they give much benefit to the consumers. This is accomplished in the sense that consumers are now buying products of high value at economical prices. These goals are very well met by the Green Mountain Coffee Roaster. But they do not end their quest there. They seek more ways to improve their trade.

Green Mountain Coffee, Inc. is a leader in the specialty coffee industry and has been recognized by Forbes Magazine for the past three years as one of the “200 Best Small Companies in America.” The Company roasts high-quality arabica coffees and offers over 75 coffee selections including single-origins, estates, certified organics, Fair Trade, proprietary blends, and flavored coffees that it sells under the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® brand.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters believes in environmental and social Stewardship®. We promote public awareness of strong environmental, social and labor principles through support of a range of organizations — Coffee Kids, Heifer International, Grounds for Health, EcoLogic Finance, the United Way, the Salvation Army and the Red Cross — as well as libraries, religious organizations, schools, counseling centers and community food-shelves in coffee-growing communities around the world and in the communities in which our employees and customers live and work.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters partnered with Keurig Premium Coffee Systems over six years ago to develop a coffee brewing system – brewing one cup at a time. Our partnership in single cup brewing led to the development of a unique coffee dispenser cup called the K-Cup and the Keurig Single Cup Brewer.

The K-Cup’s innovative design results in a perfect cup of coffee. This cup protects the coffee from harmful elements – oxygen, moisture, light – that cause coffee to stale. Our passion for freshness is in this cup.


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