Most underrated beaches of Canada

Most underrated beaches of Canada

A vacation, holiday, or an afternoon on the beach is one of the coolest moments ever. Think of the blue sky, the hot sun, cool breeze and clear waters. Those moments are exciting but it happens that most of the popular beaches are populated and overcrowded in summer. Did you know that Canada has beaches that are beautiful with serene environments that many people do not know of?

Sometimes one wants a quiet environment to relax and enjoy. Do you and your loved ones want a quiet and peaceful getaway away from your usual beach hangout spots? Here are the most underrated beaches of Canada.

Sauble Beach

It’s in Ontario on the Lake Huron. It has shallow clear waters. It’s most suitable for the young ones. It has a beautiful and sandy beach. You are going to like it here. They have ample parking too. Not many activities happen here. It’s a perfect place for those who love the beach.

Canatara Park Beach

It’s a beautiful beach with clear waters, warm pebbled sand and a serene environment found at the edge of Lake Huron. Its waters are cold even in summer. It has waves just like the ocean. It has clean facilities like washrooms showers making it a perfect stop for a family on holiday.

Tribune Bay Beach

It’s located on the Hornby Island in Tribune Bay Provincial Park. There are great tidal pools and sand for castle building. When the tides are low, it’s time to visit Tribune Bay Beach for exploration. Here you can easily enjoy beautiful views from Vancouver. Bring your family over, collect sea glass and make a wonderful collection with your findings. The beach is ever clean thanks to the many daily volunteers to manage and maintain its cleanliness standards.

Tofino Beach

It’s in the district in Vancouver Island. It is characterized by natural scenery like lakes, inlets and a rainforest. Its sandy beaches are perfect for water surfing. it’s the home to surfing activities like the Cox Bay and popular Long Beach and also a Part of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. It’s a perfect place for adventurers.


Its 45 minutes from Montreal. It’s a perfect beach for all. Here you can have kayaks, canoes and even pedalos. There are also skateboard fields, tennis courts, for the young adults. It’s a perfect place for picnics and barbecue. During winter, it offers great activities to. Looking for some time off from home? St.Zotique is the place to be.

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